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How to Sew a Kitchen Tea Towel DIY

A beginner friendly DIY Sewing Tutorial for a Kitchen Tea Towel. This project makes a great gift and can be made in about 20 minutes!
Active Time20 mins
Keyword: DIY, Hand Sewn, Kitchen, Tea Towel
Yield: 1 Towel


  • A Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Rotary Cutter (Optional)


  • 1 17"x21" piece Fabric of choice
  • Thread to match the fabric


  • To begin, cut a rectangle out of the fabric 17"x21". For clean cuts and ease, use a rotary cutter for this step.
  • Next, fold each edge in 1". Press flat with a hot iron.
  • Fold each edge 1/2" and press again with a hot iron.
  • Fold the edges over again to meet the 1" seam you ironed onto the fabric.
  • Place the folded edge of the right side of the rectangle into the sewing machine. Begin to top stitch all the way down the seam.
  • Once you get to the end, fold the next edge and continue top stitching all the way down the next seam.
  • Once you get to where you began top stitching, back stitch a time or two to secure the thread. This will ensure that the thread does not unravel.
  • And voila, there you have a hand-sewn tea towel. Continue this step-by-step process to create a pair of tea towels.


Cotton, Linen, and Flannels are best for this project. Avoid using any stretchy or loose knit fabrics.